Please welcome our new team member

RichardPlease welcome our latest team member Richard Barlow! Our friendly Brit is an awesome Unity programmer, and his main focus is (mostly) on our game creation tools and pipeline so we can make content and levels in a better way. Richard has actually been with us for a while now, and we know you will see the results of his passion and skills in Trolls vs Vikings 2.

Richard joins us from the great gang at Rock Pocket Studios, and prior to that he worked three years at Jagex in the UK Continue reading

Trolls 1 vs Trolls 2 – Check out the huge difference!

new_base_vikingWe wanted to give a little ‘work in progress’ art insight into Trolls 2 and how it differs from Trolls 1. Here you see the difference between our current ‘base’ Viking, and how they look in the upcoming game. It’s a HUGE difference, we think. Hope you like it too!

(Note: We are still working on all of this, and it may differ from this in the final version of the game)

More Trolls vs Vikings 1 content is coming up!

app_store_shot2We’re working on a new content update for Trolls vs Vikings 1! A whopping seventeen “special missions” are coming up, and they are now in internal testing.

The goal of these missions have been to mix up gameplay with special challenges, while toying around with our Moonstone resource system to test some ideas we have for Trolls 2. We’re not 100% sure when it goes live, but we aim for September! Watch this space.

Solid Windows 10 start for Trolls vs Vikings!

windows_store_trollsDid we mention that we’re happy about the Windows 10 launch so far? Trolls vs Vikings is now a top 20 strategy game in 20+ countries (and #5 in Iraq, gaming is indeed global these days). We’re also top 25 in USA, Russia and the UK. This has in turn led to more ratings from players, with the average being a whopping 4.5 stars. Solid! Thanks for playing, we’re working hard on more great content to come.

Trolls vs Vikings 2 – Coming along nicely!

troll_fuse2We have been hard at work getting a playable test version of Trolls vs Vikings 2 ready for summer. While we aren’t ready to talk about the details quite yet, we have come a long way! So we felt it was only right to give a little sneak peak, and reveal one of the many new Trolls you can play with.