Fingar Bøen joins the Megapop team

fingarWe would like to welcome Fingar Bøen to our growing Megapopper team.
Besides having one of the weirdest Norwegian names around, Fingar is also a really nice guy, and an unusually talented content game designer.
With a Bachelor in game design from NITH he has learned the ropes the proper way, but through pure passion for games he has also learned himself coding, art, music, and then some. Versatile is the word of the day, and when he is not making games at work, he makes or plays games as a hobby. He’s actually so dedicated to old-time flipper games he goes downtown to play them every week, go figure 😉

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Michal Krča joins the Megapop team

michalWe are growing, and would like to welcome Michal Krča as our new programmer!

Michal come from Czechia, and has a Master in serious game programming from the University of Skøvde in Sweden. His love for Vikings, Nordic lore and the Nordic nature brought him up north, suffice to say we’re super happy to have him work on Trolls vs Vikings!

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5+ Lyntoto – Finalist in Betting Innovation Awards 2016

We keep on doing great digitalisation work for clients. This weekend we came to the finals in the “Betting Innovation Awards 2016” in Paris.

Projects from from 22 countries attended, and the app project we developed for Rikstoto (the Norwegian state monopoly for horse races), came all the way to the top four projects! In addition we were one vote short of winning the “Vote of the People”. We call that a very very close race! Nice to see our projects for clients lead to success for them!

Here be giants!

background_template_frostHere be Giants! Check out the art for the frost world in Trolls 2! In this cool new world you’ll meet all new Viking types, including Frost giants, Frost Wizards and Frost casters!  Using Fire Trolls comes highly recommended! 😀

Live paint demo for “The Get Down” TV series

netflix-the-get-down-logoIn addition to making games, we also do contract assignments on the side. Here is one of the cooler ones we’ve done recently.

This is a live paint job for “The Get down” TV series, and was made for Netflix / Sony music. Check out the (quick and dirty ) live paint demo we were hired to do in relation to a music festival in Oslo