The owls are not what they seem

We keep on doing awesome street art work around Oslo. Our AD Mikael Noguchi is a maestro at it, and it brings him great variation from the game and app development work we normally do. Here is a commissioned full wall we did for Oslo county.

Student life at Megapop

We’ve had two students with us now, who dream of becoming game developers. And we love to support those dreams. Who knows, one they make work with us in proper?

Fredrik Nylund from Røyken is here for a full week, and besides misc jobs, he also tries to do a bit of game coding. Here he gets help from Thomas on improving his code.

Fabian Wilskow Aanes from Vikersund was here for the day to work as a game developer, and has been working a bit on character design for our next game, as well as testing and giving feedback on Trolls 2. And gave some really cool ideas!

We hope to see them again in a few years as game developers.



Check the Mikael Noguchi Art exhibition in Oslo

We’re superproud on behalf of our AD Mikael Noguchi, who now has his first proper solo art exhibition at the Thief art hotel in Oslo. The exhibition stands until May 31, and gives a unique glimpse into Mikael’s ‘state of the art’ graffiti skills.

“Mikael Noguchi is a video-game artist and graffiti illustrator based in Oslo In Norway. As a graffiti painter Mikael have done commissioned work for artists such as Justin Bieber, A Tribe called Quest, Alan Walker and MGMT.”

GDC 2017 – Here we come!

 We’re SO ready for GDC in San Francisco next week (Game Developer Conference)! If you are there, and want to see a massively updated version of Trolls 2, please drop by our booth at GDC Play. We’ve been hard at work these past weeks to really make Trolls 2 shine, and hope people will like it!
We also just got a big batch of T-shirts so we can look all dandy at the conference. The black one is the official one. For fun we also printed some experimental one-offs to see how it would look, much fun to open it 😀 Some worked, some didn’t.

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Pedro Van Erven joins the Megapop team

We’re growing, and are really happy to welcome Pedro Van Erven!
Pedro is a 3D specialist, but is also very accomplished at illustration, 2D, comics and then some. We were truly impressed from the first work we saw. Pedro joined us last fall, and as we now see Vikings, Trolls and other game characters / objects come to life in glorious 3D, we’re SO happy Pedro chose to join us!

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Meet us at GDC 2017

We’ll be coming to the Game Developer Conference 2017! We will have a booth at the GDC Play section, showcasing Trolls vs Vikings 2. Let us know if you want to meet up, or drop by to see Trolls vs Vikings 2!

Fingar Bøen joins the Megapop team

fingarWe would like to welcome Fingar Bøen to our growing Megapopper team.
Besides having one of the weirdest Norwegian names around, Fingar is also a really nice guy, and an unusually talented content game designer.
With a Bachelor in game design from NITH he has learned the ropes the proper way, but through pure passion for games he has also learned himself coding, art, music, and then some. Versatile is the word of the day, and when he is not making games at work, he makes or plays games as a hobby. He’s actually so dedicated to old-time flipper games he goes downtown to play them every week, go figure 😉

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