In-depth Trolls tactics – Shy

Troll_ShyIn-depth Trolls vs Vikings tactics coming up! Today we wanted to shed some more light on Shy, you know, the Troll which hides underground and drags unsuspecting Vikings to their doom.

Shy is one of the best Trolls around when it comes to early level gameplay, and can get you a long way towards building up a solid flow of resources by using him. Continue reading

Press Release – Trolls vs Vikings now on Windows Phone

New Trolls logo and backgroundTrolls vs Vikings Finally Available for Windows Phone

One of highest rated games on Windows Store – Featured by Microsoft in the US

OSLO, NORWAY, APRIL 21, 2015 – Megapop is proud to announce that Trolls vs Vikings is now globally available on the Windows Phone platform! The game has been widely featured by Microsoft on Windows Store during 2014 and 2015, ensuring that Trolls vs Vikings rose to #1 on ‘New and Rising’ charts in multiple countries. The game has also been featured by Apple, Amazon and Google, and has been a top 10 strategy games in more than 80 countries! Continue reading

Trolls is featured by Apple again!

poster_godsAbsolutely fabulous! We’re featured by Apple again among ‘Best new updates’. As far as we can see we’re featured in at least 105 countries for both iPhone and iPad.

It was a solid version we just put out, so we’re happy to see our hard work is acknowledged and appreciated. Definitively more content coming up too.

Enjoy the update, and please remember to (re) rate the version if you are playing it.

Major Apple update coming up

poster_trollsWe have just submitted another major update for all Apple users, which should go live pretty soon. Here are the full update notes:

Whoa! We have removed all premium item purchases. All former real money items are now priced in gold, and in some cases on a mark down. So all items can now be obtained via gameplay!

The lowering of wages for the miner’s union was a resounding success, and we have decided to continue this test. Access to moonstone resources is therefore easier to get hold of, making the game even more fun.

Continue reading

Windows Phone version of Trolls has soft-launched

poster_trollsWe have now soft-launched the Windows Phone version of Trolls vs Vikings! For now it’s just available in Norway (surprise surprise), but we will turn on global as soon as we see all is running smooth. Very soon!

This version also marks the first time we change up our in-game shop. All items in the game is now sold for GOLD only, and not for real money. We look forward to seeing how this change will play out!

Trolls in-depth tactics – Hildur

Troll_Headless HildurIn-depth tips on Trolls coming up, and today we cover Hildur! You know, the beautiful Troll which rips her head off, and throws it at enemies!  Hildur is a great choice in levels where you have to fight both aerial and ground Vikings, and her lobbing attacks reaches both flying and ground targets.

She is also a great choice for specific level layouts, in particular where stones or ice blocks are present. For instance: in the Odin fight she can simply lob over his ice defense, or in Valhalla or Hollow Grove levels you can place her behind rocks so she reaches hard to get enemies.

Finally, she can also lob over shields! Hildur will directly hit the Vikings hiding behind the shields, making the shield protection meaningless. As of such she is one of the most versatile Trolls around, and a great choice on the battlefield.