Trolls in-depth tactics – Hildur

Troll_Headless HildurIn-depth tips on Trolls coming up, and today we cover Hildur! You know, the beautiful Troll which rips her head off, and throws it at enemies!  Hildur is a great choice in levels where you have to fight both aerial and ground Vikings, and her lobbing attacks reaches both flying and ground targets.

She is also a great choice for specific level layouts, in particular where stones or ice blocks are present. For instance: in the Odin fight she can simply lob over his ice defense, or in Valhalla or Hollow Grove levels you can place her behind rocks so she reaches hard to get enemies.

Finally, she can also lob over shields! Hildur will directly hit the Vikings hiding behind the shields, making the shield protection meaningless. As of such she is one of the most versatile Trolls around, and a great choice on the battlefield.

Big new Apple iOS update now live

poster_trollsIt’s time to troll! The new iOS update for Trolls vs Vikings just went live, and all Apple users can now enjoy the latest cool additions.

This is also a perfect time to go back in and complete those hard levels you never thought you would win. With this update we rebalanced our entire resource system, making it easier to survive the hardest Viking onslaughts.

Massive new Microsoft update now live

french00_android_screenshots_1366x768What a huge Microsoft update we just put out! The all new Windows 8.1 version of Trolls for PC and tablets is now live. Here are a few of the highlights:

* A new, free Troll has been added to your army! The mighty Guard will help you when your village is about to be overrun, and he blows up all nearby Vikings. His magic is very powerful, so expect a long rest after each attack.

* The Miners’ union has agreed to lower wages. Hack doesn’t have ramping cost anymore, he always costs 50 moonstone, making the access to more resources a lot easier.

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New Google version is live!

150130_Facebook_like_flattenedAn all new version of Trolls vs Viking is now live in the Google store! The new version is mostly about performance updates and some minor improvements, improving the performance and logic in the big content update from last month. Enjoy!

Big New Update submitted!

Announcement_trolls_tweakHappy happy! We have submitted another big update to Apple today, with a Google version coming up shortly!

Here are the core improvements:

  • A new, free Troll has been added to your army! The mighty Guard will help you when your village is about to be overrun, and he blows up all nearby Vikings. His magic is very powerful, so expect a long rest after each attack.

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Wishing you a happy new year

christmas_pictureWe would like to wish all our friends and followers a great holiday and a happy new year!

2014 is soon history, and as we look forward to 2015, we look back on a year full of adventure, fun, hard work and not the least, the launch of Trolls vs Vikings. What a ride it has been!

We have launched our first ever mobile free 2 play game, we are live on four platforms and we have been featured by Apple (twice), Google, Microsoft and Amazon! Close to 10.000 customers have given us their rating, and we are now passing half a million players (with many more coming in every single day)! We are a games business in other words, but at the heart of it all is still the fun, the passion and the care for the player experience.

Still, 2014 is soon behind us. What we look to now is the future, and how to keep on making Trolls vs Vikings the best tower defense mobile game around. In the year to come we promise lots of new content updates and cool new systems for Trolls. We are also working on our next products, and we believe we have some pretty cool ideas for the next big thing! It should be fun, tight and polished, like Trolls, but also different.

That’s it. Thanks for supporting us in 2014, and have a great

Best Regards
The Megapop Team

New World Map in Trolls vs Vikings

We have a brand new world map coming up! Our map gnomes have been hard a work reshaping our old map, while also moving things around quite a bit.

This image is the art piece for the new map, and in the game you will of course see effects, where your friends are, animations and many small things and big things. We’re happy with it, hope you are as well!

This new map approach ensures it’s easier for us to add new worlds and levels, while the endless Valhalla mode now comes into play after the Odin boss fight. As a part we have even moved some levels around, and moved spells forward to level 2 so people in trouble can get help.

For players well into the game these changes should not mean anything in terms of your gameplay experience and progress so far, but it will ensure that all new players coming in will get a simpler game to begin with!

New Troll is coming up!

Troll_GeomancerWe have a new Troll coming up, and a huge update soon too! This particular fellow we have simply called Gard, and he brings some much needed relief to players who are in trouble.

Placed at the border of the Troll village, he strikes his magical staff into the ground, zapping all Vikings who are about to charge into the village. Since the attack is so powerful, he will spend a long time resting before he can strike again.

This means that you still have to be sharp as a player, but things will become a bit easier when you are about to lose. For some he might even become a tactical choice in that crucial build-up phase on harder levels!