Looking for testers on Trolls vs Vikings 2

focustest_FACEBOOK_CDo you want to become a tester on Trolls vs Vikings 2? We are now expanding our testing phase to include external players, and really want feedback from users who are on ANDROID devices.

If you are interested, please send us an email on contact@megapopgames.com and label the email ‘Trolls 2 Tester’ and why you want to be a tester!

It’s still an early version of the game, so this is actually about testing and not just ‘all for fun’. This means you will play several different versions of the game too. On the other hand, you get direct influence and a solid feedback chance on where we are taking the game. Shoot us an email if you are interested!

(don’t worry iOS and Microsoft users, your day will come too as we plan to launch the game on multiple platforms)

External focus testing of Trolls vs Vikings 2 starts

focustest_FACEBOOK_AHere we go. Today marks the first day we start proper external focus testing of Trolls vs Vikings 2. We’re going down to a local school called Westerdals to start seeing reactions of the first 30 minutes of gameplay.We have some exciting months ahead as we move into wider and wider testing phases. We hope people will like it!

5000 Users reviews on Microsoft, global all time average 4.7!

Ipad_presentationMore than 500 new players are coming into Trolls vs Vikings every single day from the Microsoft platforms, going all the way back to the Windows 10 launch last June (and many days much more). While we’re happy about this, we simply wanted to make a mini-celebration of the fact that we now passed 5000 player reviews on Microsoft. The global all time average is now 4.7 of 5 stars! We don’t know how this measure up to other games, but it sounds pretty solid!
USA has now also passed China as the country with the highest average ratings. Being Norwegians, we think it’s kinda cool that a setting using our ‘own’ Trolls and Vikings seem to work around the globe. Cheers!

Good girl gone bad…Trolls vs Vikings 2 is coming in 2016!

Emma_Eastwood_presentationGood girl gone bad…
We wanted to start 2016 by introducing the all new Emma and how she looks in Trolls vs Vikings 2!
As you may recall Emma is the main heroine in Trolls vs Vikings 1. Being the teenage Troll who wanted nothing more than peace with the Vikings, Emma has now grown into a proud member of the Troll Liberation Front!
She even has two different weapons she can employ….Troll missile launcher for the win.

First external playtesting of Trolls vs Vikings 2

20151203_180523We just hosted our first ever playtesting of Trolls vs Vikings 2, and this marked the first time someone external touched the game!
It was ‘just’ an informal get together where we invited other MESH companies, so we’re happy that 30 people showed up to try the early levels and socialize. This was the (soft) start of ever more focus tests of Trolls 2, leading up to the launch next spring.
Oh, we rent office space at MESH. This is a co-working office space in downtown Oslo for tech start-ups, where hundreds of people are working on their start-up dream.

User ratings soar to 4.7 of 5 stars average!

app_store_shot1It’s the start of the month so we run ratings reports as usual. We’re happy to see that our average user ratings for Trolls vs Vikings has risen to a staggering 4.7 on Windows, and 4.37 on iOS. This is the all time average, so based on a lot of reviews. Pretty decent, and it actually keeps on going up (and up)!
Please do remember to rate us if you haven’t done so already, helps other users to see what the game is about if they are looking. Thanks!

Our composer does new Superman v Batman trailer

We are super proud of our composer Aleksandar Dimitrijevic today, who has music in the new Batman vs Superman trailer. While he has composed music for over 100 Hollywood blockbuster trailers by now, it’s something special for us nerds when it’s both Superman and Batman at the same time! Way to go Alek!

Apple features Trolls vs Vikings

FeatureWe got a great Apple featuring surprise over the weekend. Apple promoted a ‘Made in Nordics’ package for the App store. ‘Explore some of our favourite apps and games crafted by local developers’. And Trolls vs Vikings were one of them!

The other games are titles like Limbo, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds and Best Fiends so we feel we are in great company. We also got a mini feature in some countries for ‘Best Update’ for all the new levels we launched last week, so positive for us. Continue reading