Megapop attending Slush 2014 Conference

slush-logo-red-300pxWe will be at the Slush conference in Helsinki next week for meetings and networking! Slush is the focal point for European and Asian startups and tech and games talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media. In 2014, Slush gathers some 10.000 tech focused people, so we look forward to a week of learning and interesting meetings. Let us know if you are going too and would like to meet up! (email to

Megapop supports RITE, the EU-project for Reducing Internet Transport Latency

ritelogoToday we want to share our support to RITE, the EU-project for Reducing Internet Transport Latency. For all you that don’t know about this, we want to explain you that the RITE Eu-project has, since its start nearly two years ago, worked to reduce the delay experienced when using the Internet. The approach is to make small, smart, changes to the mechanisms that makes Internet communication work. These mechanisms were developed to maximise throughput, and delay was overlooked until recently.

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Quest Lovers will enjoy the new Trolls vs Vikings update on Google Play

trolls_google_play(1)We have just released a new update for Trolls vs Vikings that will delight all Quest Lovers using Android and Google platform. With Update 2.4.27 players will be able to enjoy our whole new Quest System to test their skills and see if they are able to achieve the daily challenges that the game will offer them.

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New logo and marketing art for Trolls vs Vikings

New Trolls logo and backgroundWe have a new logo and new marketing art for Trolls vs Vikings! It’s been through focus testing now, with good results. Hope you like it too! It will be visible in the game in the next update, including a new loading screen, as well as used throughout all the channels we use for communication.

Oh, if you have any suggestions for improvements, please send us feedback directly on

Megapop celebrates two years!

Trollsvsvikings_414x468We celebrated two years as a company this weekend! It’s been quite the journey so far, much like an amusement park ride. Ups and downs, exhilarating loops, thrills and scares, but overall a lot of fantastic fun. Here is to two more, and then many more after that!

Trolls featured by Google in 60 countries

trolls_google_play(1)Trolls vs Vikings has been featured by Google in 60 countries! We’re incredibly happy about the fact that the major platform holders see the value of our game, and gives us prominent placement towards their users. So far 2627 Google users have also given us a customer review, with the average being a solid 4.1 of 5 stars!

Press Release – Huge Valhalla update now live – Featured by Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft – Top #10 game in 50+ countries

250OSLO, NORWAY, AUGUST 21, 2014Trolls vs Vikings just keeps on getting better! Megapop just launched a massive content update which is now available globally. The huge ‘Valhalla’ update brings hundreds of new levels, a new spell system, player level progression, as well as massive tweaks and improvements across the board. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to Troll!

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