The Moon App


The world's first virtual shopping destination.
Meet, interact, chat with friends, discover brands and get inspiration – all while shopping at a close to reality destination.

Our mission

* Restructure Unity Code
* Frontend development
* Design and implementation of the user interface


Client reference

THEMOON has created a virtual trading destination over the past two years. The service is available as APP on iOS and Android. This is built on Unity in frontend. Everything is built from scratch and there has been some experimentation to find the right direction regarding design and usability. THEMOON will be gradually launched across Europe and will have users of all ages.
THEMOON was under pressure to launch the service as quickly as possible. In the summer of 2016, we were very lucky that MegaPop had capacity for frontend developers, some of those with the longest experience with Unity and game development in Norway. This enabled us to quickly get assistance on architecture and development on several levels. We chose to hire both senior and junior developers and recommend this, as everyone gets the job where they are strong and that it is challenging enough.
MegaPop delivered good architecture, improved old code, produced good functionality, created features for user analysis and good user-friendly graphical work. In addition, MegaPop has good experience with launch strategies that we took advantage of.

The consultants are very nice and decent. We had 5 people on the project at most. The management are familiar with the typical challenges on such a project and were helpful where they could.
THEMOON had not been there we are today without the help of MegaPop and strongly recommend them.

Frode Vekseth, CTO

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