Apple features Trolls vs Vikings again

FeatureWhat an honor! Apple has featured Trolls vs Vikings again this week, in a collection called ‘Breakthrough Nordic Games’. They have picked a handful from each Nordic country, including us! ‘Each of the standouts in this collection is a shining example of creativity and fun’, says Apple.

This is the seventh time Apple features us in various ways, and we’re really thankful and honored by that!

Check out the icon for Trolls 2!

icon_new_insta_1We have landed on the icon we (think) we will use for our launch of Trolls vs Vikings 2! After a lot of testing and feedback gathered from more than a million people, this is the one most prefer. We prefer it, too! We really wanted to put a lot of work into this process to ensure we found the best one, and here it is.

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Trolls 2 multiplayer now in testing!

icon_testBig days for us, as we finally have the multiplayer version of Trolls vs Vikings 2 up and running for testing. We plan to have four leagues in the game (Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold), and hope a lot of players will enjoy it as much as we do right now when playing it!

Trolls 2 marketing art

Check it out! A new piece of marketinAndroid_Presentation Image_1024x500_2g art for the upcoming release of Trolls vs Vikings 2. This is for the banner in the Android store, so quite a lot of stuff will come “on top of it”. Anyhow cool for us to start shaping up the visual identity for the upcoming launch!

Trolls vs Vikings 2 now available in soft-launch in Norway and Canada!

facebook_ads_screenshots01Trolls vs Vikings 2 is now available in soft-launch in Norway and Canada!

First we are testing how people like the early game experience! The game will run for a few months in this way while we learn how to make the experience as good as possible for all of you! For now we have picked these four screens to highlight the game in the store. Continue reading

Trolls 2 – Deeper knowledge for core players

IMG_4035With Trolls vs Vikings 2, we make a much deeper Troll evolution system! All Trolls now have lots of upgrades and individual special attacks!
For players who are really interested in the stats of the game, you can even enable ‘health bars’ and ‘damage numbers’ in the settings menu, like you see on this screen. We envision most players will never do this, but it’s an option for those who want to dig deeper.
With Trolls 2, we really want fans to be able to play the game for a long time, and also want to give more power into the hands of the player!

Emma is covergirl on ‘Norwegian Games of 2016’ catalogue

Norwegian games 2016The Norwegian games industry is on a major roll, and we are proud to be a part of the movement!

In 2016 more quality games than ever is coming out, and to celebrate the Norwegian Film Institute has made a catalogue with all the exiting games. We are naturally honored they picked the cool image of Emma for the frontpage!

(Click on the URL to browse through all the amazing upcoming Norwegian games!)