Welcome to Megapop: Hege

Welcome to Megapop: Hege

We want to present one of our newest members of the Megapop team: Hege Marie Sivertsen Brown

Hege Marie Sivertsen Brown works with us as a UI/UX Designer & Developer and we are sooo lucky to have her! She’s a total knowledge addict and has tons of experience!

She was co-founder of one of Norway’s first mobile entertainment companies (“IT Huset” at Kalvetangen, Nøtterøy, later “d’Group”) in 1999! They made ringtones, logos, sms services and tons of cool stuff for phones. After selling out of the company, she started Foxline (Revestreker), which would later turn into Jazzberry, where she has been doing Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Programming and much more for over 15 years.

Hege loves games. She especially was a huge fan of Funcom's "The Longest Journey" and "Anarchy Online", and for a good 12 years she tried to get a job there, applying for any job she could, using every opportunity to talk to them.
While working with Skullcandy, she designed and pitched an Age of Conan branded Skullcandy headset for Jørgen Tharaldsen, whom at that time was the Marketing and Product Manager at Funcom.
When Jørgen later started Board with the World (Extreme sport MMO prototype) in 2010, he remembered her from Skullcandy, and FINALLY offered her a job at Funcom. It was the best time in her life working on Board with the World, she says.

A few years later Jørgen and Christian from the prototype team founded Megapop, and it was an expressed wish from early on to gather the old team, and now the time was right to bring her back. <3 We are glad to have you with us!