Welcome to Megapop: Dirk

Welcome to Megapop: Dirk

Welcome to another one of our new members of the team, Dirk Grent!

Currently he is working as a programmer on Megapop’s work with Båtførerprøven, and he has done so since he started in August.

We had caught Dirk’s attention while he was looking for work at interesting game companies in Norway. At that time, he lived in the Netherlands and studied for his degree in Game Design, but always wanted to move to live near his father, who’s been living in Norway the last 10 years.

After a lot of mailing, skyping and a job interview, he was offered an intern position which he gladly took, and we are so happy he did! As soon as Dirk had graduated, he and his girlfriend came to Norway, the land of moose and mountains! Luckily for Dirk, who likes mountain hiking and camping!