For Route 66 (Redningsselskapet / Teknobingo) in Norway we made a fully modeled 3D character, who our customer proudly called Sandy.

With Sandy we went for a rather realistic, yet cartoony, look, making it possible to use her in all kinds of different poses and situations.

After deciding the style we wanted to achieve, we started the first blocking of the model, using Zbrush, and follow it through the final stages of the modeling stage adding the skin textures and fine details. The next stage is to paint the main color texture and the other maps that were use to build the Skin, clothes and accessories. Time to export it out of Zbrush and mount it up in Maya, defining the materials and adjusting the Shader Attributes for each element.

For creating the multiple poses, and later animate Sandy, we created a skeleton system and used Maya Human IK for rigging the character. Many Facial expressions were created to give the character her personality.

We also used Xgen, geometry instancer feature in Maya to create the hair, and used curves guides that were shaped to give the characters unique hair style.

For lighting the character, we used a couple area lights strategically place , replicating a realistic type of studio illumination, and rendered out the poses using Arnold.

Sandy was made to be a spokesperson, helper and all around it-girl for the Route 66 brand. She fits that 50's look perfectly, yet at the same time has a modern flair. Or so we think!