Trolls 2 massive content update!

Trolls 2 massive content update!

Whoa! We just released an absolutely massive update of Trolls 2 to the soft-launch markets today! The amount of new content, systems, graphics and improvements is quite staggering, so we rather present it as a list. It’s that big!

New features coming in today’s update:
* New World Map with over a hundred levels to conquer across many chapters
* Warchief system – Level up your village Warchief, including custom looks and skins
* New upgrade system with XP for all Trolls, as well as XP potions. Everytime you use a Troll, that troll gets XP.

* New Shard system for unlocking new units and ranking up old ones
* Entirely new Troll village system, easing up on how all works with upgrades of buildings
* New daily and weekly chest rewards with tons of loot
* Entirely new reward system after matches – Pick 3 chests from 9 presented
* In-game mailbox for receiving info and gifts directly from Megapop
* A new and better Tutorial
* 40 Trial missions with challenges tied to the abilities of one single Troll
* Weekend events levels with special loot! Different levels each weekend!
* Three new daily challenge levels every day with special loot! Different levels each day!
* Lots of new gameplay forms and content mixed into the events
* Rewarded video ads – See voluntary video ads to get free rewards
* We have also re-shuffled, re-balanced, re-tinkered and improved more or less everything in the game, as well as how initial content is laid out.

Phew. What a list! We will be in soft-launch a little while longer, and now hope to see some feedback from Android players in Norway, Canada and Phillippines.

For all the rest of you, rest assured we do all we can to get the game ready for the whole world to play! We’re getting there!