In this section you can see a lot of the art powering our first game Trolls vs Vikings, there are five sections you can go to for now:

Over time we plan to release a lot of new art and media. If you want to see more of our concepts and work in progress art, we suggest you follow our updates here, or on Facebook.

In total we will create some 40 different characters for launch, all with their own personalities, names and tactical advantages / disadvantages. For now we simply present them with their base name, but over time we will come back to detailed presentations of each and every one of them, such as the multi-headed self-arguing Troll Kark / Thark, or the Troll child Emma, who has deep secrets she doesn’t even know of herself!

In general, Trolls vs Vikings takes a fun, light-hearted approach to its source material that we hope will appeal to gamers of all ages and skill. While we are Nordic developers making this game, historical accuracy and strict adherence to the ‘lore’ of Norse mythology are not important concerns – fun, personality and humor are the focus.

We’ve also come to realize that the further we take it, the more fun it becomes to create both the game and the art and animations for it. As an example we spent some time trying to make a slim sexy Valkyrie (you know, the flying divine women who picks up the dead on the battlefield). When googling we saw they were always displayed with divine beauty, but after a little while we said “Screw it, let’s make her how we think it would be coolest for US to see her”.

And I guess that’s the trend for us these days, take it over the top, while not making it too tacky 😉 We hope you will like our art, and please let us know if you have any comments!