Trolls vs Vikings


Apple_Ipad_1024x768_screenshots04_EnglishTired of living under the Viking conspiracy? You have come to the right place to open your eyes to the truth about the wondrous world of trolls and the pesky Viking invaders!

The Vikings are invading the lands of the peaceful trolls and they brought their powerful gods along with them! It is up to you to coordinate a defense against the Viking onslaught in a super fun tower defense game, made by people who really love tower defense games.

So get ready for a mega fun and action packed strategy adventure! Embark on an amazing journey across the mythical world of Midgard, where peaceful Trolls and magical creatures face Vikings and their Gods! Can you win this epic battle?

  • 70+ Levels – 20+ hours of gameplayApple_Ipad_1024x768_screenshots01_English
  • 40+ wacky and wonderful characters
  • Astounding depth of play – Unlock Hard mode, discover an all new game
  • Movable and active units – More fun, more action
  • Massive Boss fights – Thor, Odin and others
  • Social features – Beat your friends
  • Labor of Love – We love this genre, and have made a game we really like to play ourselves

french00_android_screenshots_1366x768And much much more … Try it now! You’ll love it too! Like us on Facebook for all the latest on Trolls Vs Vikings updates and connect with others who have seen past the Viking propaganda!