Trolls vs Vikings 2

Step into the frozen world of Midgard, and embark on an amazing tower defense journey with endless hours of strategy fun. Collect and upgrade an army of Trolls, Dragons, Shamans and Dwarves, unleash mighty magical spells, visit otherworldly places, build a village, harvest gold and gems, rally mythical teams to reign supreme! Wage war against the Vikings, lead the Troll army to victory!


  • Tower defense EVOLVED - Full of action, crushing attacks, massive raids and deep tactical choices, Trolls vs Vikings 2 is strategy gaming at its finest
  • CRUSH the Viking Horde – Defeat frost giants, tackle wild berserkers, outsmart cunning magicians, block fierce raiders and hinder armies of wolves…the Vikings are out in force
  • Collect, evolve, ENGAGE – Train and evolve Trolls, Dragons, Shamans, Dwarves and Spells. Create the ultimate defense team against the Vikings
  • Build and manage your EMPIRE – Take control of a Troll village. Build your armies, mine gold and gems, manage supplies, control the mythical might of the Trolls
  • Unleash the MAGIC – Control magical Shamans, unleash Ragnarok, wield devastating spells of lightning, frost and fire
  • Experience a FASCINATING universe – Enter a lush fantasy world with gorgeous graphics, listen to a special soundtrack, campaign across Midgard in hundreds of tower defence strategy level
  • Bigger, BETTER, bolder – Trolls vs Vikings 1 was a top 10 strategy game in more than 130 countries, and top 5 in 70 Countries! In Trolls vs Vikings 2 everything is even bigger, better and bolder

What are you waiting for? It’s time to Troll!


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Megapop composer in Hollywood


Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, the music composer on Trolls vs Vikings 1 & 2, has created music for more than a 100 Hollywood movies, now also Star Wars. His music plays from 0:45 to 1:45 in the trailer as Rey is rocking the light saber!
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Trolls 2 massive content update!


Whoa! We just released an absolutely massive update of Trolls 2 to the soft-launch markets today! The amount of new content, systems, graphics and improvements is quite staggering, so we rather present it as a list. It’s that big!

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Trolls vs Vikings 2 systems complete


We’re now system complete on the game (yay!), and will spend the months to come polishing things up as much as we can, while tying together the loose ends into something really nice!