Trolls vs Vikings 2

Recently announced, ‘Trolls vs Vikings 2’ will be the evolution of our vision of the Tower Defense genre that will deliver even more fun, surprises and challenges to our fans.

For now we can only tell you that it will include hundreds of new levels, new Trolls and Vikings, a brand new Spell System and even a Troll villages!


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Trolls 2 massive content update!


Whoa! We just released an absolutely massive update of Trolls 2 to the soft-launch markets today! The amount of new content, systems, graphics and improvements is quite staggering, so we rather present it as a list. It’s that big!

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Trolls vs Vikings 2 systems complete


We’re now system complete on the game (yay!), and will spend the months to come polishing things up as much as we can, while tying together the loose ends into something really nice!