About us

Megapop is a laboratory of science and fun, where we mix industry veterans with up and coming talent.

Located in the heart of Oslo, the company today boast 13 wonderful individuals, and a handful of super-talented freelancers.

The company was established in 2012, and was founded by some of the most experienced and innovative online game developers in Europe.

After more than 20 years in the games industry, having worked on a range of number #1 hits, we have gained unique insights into art, technology, user experience and engagement. Creating great digital experiences, be it a game, an app or a VR experience, is something we are masters at.

Together with our clients we now develop apps, VR and AR projects, digital art and street art, gamification projects, as well as classical offerings into branding, web pages and digital consultancy. We have developed, launched and operated a range of apps and digital projects for clients, and have many more to come.

Our client list includes Rikstoto, Sony Music, Netflix, Marcus & Martinius, Pensjonstrygden for Sjømenn, The Moon, Ferring Medicals, Redningselskapet, Norsk Tipping, Kahoot, Elite Mental Training Storm securities, Schibsted, Oslo Kommune, Drammen Kommune and several others.

For our self-published games we focus on mid-core strategy and casual games for mobile platforms. Our goal is always to create world-class fun, engagement and retention, for gamers of all ages. Our last game was top 10 in 130 countries, and was 'featured' by Apple seven times, as well as featured by Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

We are about making solid digital craftmanship, we care about our craft.