Trolls vs Vikings – 1 million players, and counting!

1-000-000_playersIn 2016, we passed a significant milestone for Trolls vs Vikings! Over 1 million players had downloaded Trolls, and joined us on the journey into Midgard.

We are happy we have been a top 10 strategy game in 130 countries, and top 5 in 70 countries (this morning we were top 30 in 9 countries!). It just keeps on ticking in, and if it continues like this we may even pass 2 million one sunny day. While this is not a big success in the competitive gaming space, we’re still proud about the achievement.

We’re also proud about the amazing ratings our players keep on giving us. 4.4 average on iOS, 4.6 average on Windows Phone, 4.5 average on Windows Store, 4 average on Amazon and 3.9 average on Google. That’s pretty awesome!

By now the game has been featured by all the major platform holders, indeed seven times (!!) by Apple in various ways (best new game, best update, best strategy, favorite Nordic games etc.). And even more by Microsoft. This is very very unique, and we think it proves we make curated quality.

To sum it up we have done a lot of good things with our first ever mobile game, and we soon update it across all platforms. Still, our daily focus is not to look back, but indeed to improve and evolve ourselves towards all that is ahead. In 2017 we are launching Trolls vs Vikings 2, and it’s turning into something really special, we think!

Thanks for joining us on the journey so far, it’s been a blast