Fingar Bøen joins the Megapop team

fingarWe would like to welcome Fingar Bøen to our growing Megapopper team.
Besides having one of the weirdest Norwegian names around, Fingar is also a really nice guy, and an unusually talented content game designer.
With a Bachelor in game design from NITH he has learned the ropes the proper way, but through pure passion for games he has also learned himself coding, art, music, and then some. Versatile is the word of the day, and when he is not making games at work, he makes or plays games as a hobby. He’s actually so dedicated to old-time flipper games he goes downtown to play them every week, go figure 😉

We were impressed from the first time we met, and now after a couple of months with us we know Fingar will do awesome things for the players of Trolls 2, and beyond. Fingar is now working hard on new content for Trolls 2, but also dabbles in story and many other things.
Welcome to the team Fingar, we’re glad you joined us!