Unifying all versions into THE Trolls 1 experience

android_2560x1600_10inch_5Good news for Trolls 1 players. We have started the work on updating Trolls vs Vikings 1 on all platforms, including bringing 18 new levels to Microsoft and Android players! We keep on getting 500+ new players a day on average, and the stellar player ratings just keeps on ticking. With some technology getting outdated, and a mix of versions on different platforms, we thus wanted to align all versions into THE Trolls 1 experience.
In this way Trolls 1 will keep on being a great experience for everyone, also anticipating the launch of Trolls 2 sometime next year.

This means:

* All versions are unified, Windows and Android users gets 18 new levels to play with

* We unify all the content and the difficulty balancing, so all platforms play the same version

* We will (most likely) look at some minor balance tweaks , like increasing the drop rate on free spells (don’t worry, later levels will still be a major challenge for all hardcore players)

* We update the shop on Windows store to be in line with the other versions

* We update the Facebook API / social technologies

* We update all the asset store images, and (most likely) make a new video

The only exception here is the Amazon version, which will slowly sail into eternity ‘as is’. One sunny day we will point to it, and say “if you really want to have the ‘hardcore mega-challenging never-rebalanced’ version of Trolls 1, go there”

Trolls 2 remains the key priority for us, so don’t expect this to be out right away, but the work has started for some of us. This update WILL however be out well before the Trolls 2 launch.

(Oh, we have a champagne bottle for Trolls 2 in the office with the label stating ‘When it’s done’. Also known as ‘when it’s super duper uber good’. We’re getting there!)