Michal Krča joins the Megapop team

michalWe are growing, and would like to welcome Michal Krča as our new programmer!

Michal come from Czechia, and has a Master in serious game programming from the University of Skøvde in Sweden. His love for Vikings, Nordic lore and the Nordic nature brought him up north, suffice to say we’re super happy to have him work on Trolls vs Vikings!

Before he came to Megapop, Michal made indie games for almost a decade ((Heroes game, Czech War etc.), and to this day he is also involved in creating a memory training app for ADHD children.

Like many Megapoppers, Michal has a love for pursuing creative venues outside gaming. We’re impressed by his composing skills as Nemuer, a band he runs together with his girlfriend. If you like dark atmospheric fantasy music you’re in for a treat! Listen to the music on Spotify, or check out his homepage at www.nemuer.com to learn about the universe he is authoring around the music.

Michal is already making a great impact on the continued evolution of Trolls vs Vikings 2, so we’re happy to say “welcome to the team Michal”!