Erlend Kirkebø joins the Megapop team

erlendWe are expanding, and would like to welcome our first Chinese speaking / army officer / programmer to Megapop!

We are superhappy we can attract some of the smartest creative Norwegian brains around, and Erlend Kirkebø fills that role in full.

While a Bachelor in programming from the University of Oslo is solid, we fell for the fact that he showed an entire hobby game during his job interview. When he told us he spoke Chinese, and had spent three years studying Chinese at the university (also moving to Beijing), we fell in love.

Such a wonderful choice on how to solve the backpacker enigma ‘how can I travel the world for ‘free’, before I need to do something ‘proper’?

In addition to coding, Erlend is a Home Front army officer, with a three year officer education. It means he need to spend time in the woods every year, blowing things up. We’re down with that, even though the rest of us are mostly treehuggers.

On his spare time, Erlend is a serious Magic the Gathering player. He just came back from the global championship in Holland, where his team aspired to join the global Pro tour league. He muttered it was something ‘unlucky’ with the cards…they did pretty awesome though! While cards are cool, his ambition remain to improve on ‘the best game ever’, aka Super Metroid.

Welcome to the team Erlend, let’s do it, and make the best games ever!