World Reveal at GDC 2013


Whoa, it’s time for the world reveal of Megapop and Trolls vs Vikings, and it all goes down next week @ the yearly GDC conference in San Francisco (aka the world’s best Game developer conference).

As you may understand, we’re a bit anxious to finally get some real feedback on our Trolls vs Vikings baby, but we are also really relieved to get this part of the process out of the way.  It means we are somehow coming into the limelight, and while we don’t expect much these first few months, we hope that a few people will catch on to our concept, humor and gameplay style. That GDC 2013 also marks the first announcement of our company Megapop makes it even more exciting to us, so I guess you can say we’re all about ants and butterflies these next few days (and some pretty focused last minute development;).

That said, we’ve done this a few times before, and we’ve worked dedicated to prep for GDC. We know that the competition is really really hard, and we take nothing for granted. We do feel good about what are showing though, and not the least that it’s quite different from any other game we know of (minus that plant based title that is).

As for what we are showing, we’ve made sure that we will showcase three custom demo levels, which are made just for GDC. We know that most people there are low on time, but high on games knowledge, so we have sped up the game a bit, so this whole thing should take about 10-15 minutes. This also includes our first super-mega-ultra-boss fight, and we have chosen Thor as our first God to fight.We hope people will like it!

All in all, this should show a nice vertical slice of the game, and quite a bit of our cool characters. This means that our demo is somewhat tailored for the conference, but it should nicely show what we’re about some three months into development.

If you somehow happen to be in San Francisco, you can meet us at the Nordic Pavilion in the central hall where we have an own demo booth. At the showroom floor you can except to meet out Lead Designer, our Lead coder and our Game director, so if you want to hang out a bit, please drop by!

We simply can’t wait to hear what people think of our game, but more than anything we hope we can “shadowbox” a bit, enabling us to go back to Norway a bit wiser when it comes to what people think about the concept. Did we go too far on the characters and the gameplay? Should we take it even further, or less? Is it too difficult, or too easy (and tons of other stuff we wonder about)? We’re not quite sure, yet, but we know that ultimately all the feedback we’re about to get will help us to create a better game!

See you at GDC!