Welcome to the Megapop experience

Trolls vs Vikings

So, here we are, finally! The very first post about Megapop and Trolls vs Vikings, on our very own Megapop website! As you may understand, this is a big day to us, and we’re more than a little happy that we even reached this milestone.

Since this marks the first time we revealing anything about ourselves, and this is the first game we’re making, we thought it would be nice to talk a bit about the process leading us here, and why we are doing this.

We, the founders of Megapop and the team on the game, have been working in the games industry for a long time now, some of us more than 20 years! So we guess it’s safe to say that making games is our big passion in life, and we hope that this passion will shine through in everything we do.

We have been fortunate to be able to work with games this long, but also more than a bit crazy to hang on to these creative ups and down all this time. With Megapop, and our first game Trolls vs Vikings, we are thus using all our experience from creating Triple A MMO, adventure and browser titles, but at the same we also moving away from everything we’ve done so far, even taking it to platforms we have never worked on before (pads and phones). So we have lots to learn, and this is a fact we are really humble about.

While Trolls vs Vikings definitively will have awesome production values and incredible casual graphics and a cool story and great audio and…. (blah blah blah, etc. etc. etc.), the core focus is not just to cram it full of what everyone would expect from a tower defense game. Our core focus is to make a game we would love to play ourselves.  While this is not a feature in itself, it’s perhaps the most important feature of them all. We absolutely love the defense genre, with a passion, and we want nothing more than to create an awesome game in that wonderful genre of games.

That we can also shake up the genre a bit by using all our online experience from titles such as Anarchy Online, Age of Conan and many other online titles is an added bonus. We’ve really been missing the social dimension in the defense genre, and to date we really haven’t seen anything which works well online on the phones, pads or browser (our chosen platforms to begin with). So we’re taking a huge leap of faith, and set out to make an online experience the genre has not yet seen.

Rest assured that there will also be cool solo gameplay, we wouldn’t want to miss that for the world, but it’s this online and service focus we think will ultimately separate us the most from the pack. This social dimension is something we hope we can bring forward to all of our future games! We sense that there is new land to be found here, new adventures to be had, and definitively, more awesome games to be played.

As you can see in our other post about GDC, we are having the world reveal of the title @ the GDC conference next week. You can drop by our booth to play for yourself (@ the Nordic Game stand in the main hall), or get a demo from one of us creating the game. We’ve only been a few months in production, but we are already quite proud and happy about our weird little lovechild. So please do drop by if you can!

When it comes to the road forward we are definitively going to behave and treat our messaging and web / Facebook pages as the Indies we now are.  We seek to have a really low threshold for posting honest updates, and take you behind the scenes of our development. This means that everything won’t be picture perfect, but none of us are, so why try to be something we are not?

And finally, pretty please, if you like what you see, or simply want to play the game, please make sure you tell your friends about it. And don’t be shy about letting us know how we’re doing. For one time sake we are actually looking forward to the comments from the Trolls. After all, we are all trolls when playing this game!

Best regards
The Trolls vs Vikings team